About Me

Ashley Riffo

I'm a freelance writer, editor, and photographer with a love for all things documentary.

My Story

A Florida native, I was raised in a smallish town just outside of Jacksonville. If you knew me as a teenager, you probably remember me always keeping a disposable camera in my purse and sometimes stopping to make a portrait of a random stranger.

But it wasn’t until 2012 that photography unexpectedly entered into my life full force and in some unexpected ways. At the time, I was living in Bolivia, equipped with just a tiny point and shoot camera my cousin gifted me for my new life abroad. Living out a dream and surrounded by people and places so different from myself, I couldn’t help but document everything. That same year I began working for Street Photography Magazine, a publication I’m currently the editor of, which focuses on my favorite genre of photography. Then, I met my husband – he was an avid photographer.

A whole decade has passed since then and we are back in Florida. We’ve upgraded our camera gear and started a small photography business. My husband is passionate about picture-perfect, studio-style images, and he loves to use artificial lighting. I lean more towards documentary and candid style photos with natural lighting. We both capture images in vivid color, preferring vibrant images to washed-out ones. And we both love outdoor sessions, taking advantage of Florida’s gorgeous parks and waterways.

As our business has grown and evolved, we’ve found ourselves mostly focused on family and couples photography. Documenting couples as they set out to start a new family, and capturing interactions between parents and children are, in my opinion, honest and beautiful affairs. It's something that's grown closer to my heart in recent years, especially since we started a family of our own, welcoming a baby boy in February, 2022.

Take a look around and if you’re inspired by the images you see here, get in touch! And take a moment to visit my husband's site too. It would be a pleasure to combine our vision and your stories to document moments that will become cherished family memories for years to come.

Everyone carries their own set of stories.

It's what I love about people

and what I hope to capture

with my photos.